I'm Oren Givoni, nice to meet you...

What can I tell about myself?

Born in 1982 I gained some experience in life. I managed a large operation in an international company (FashionTV) and in the last couple of years I help companies and individuals to reach their marketing goals. Soon I finish MBA after BA degree in management.

Working for FashionTV as a CEO, I managed 40 people company parallel to the international operation director. I developed systems, served thousands of advertisers throughout 9 years, produced television shows, built websites, applications, design, Bizdev and more.
I understand businesses well and the game of supply and demand.

I like to learn – a lot… When it comes to marketing I actually do everything…
From the understanding and structuring the business strategy to hands on work. Copywriting, website development, content, advertising, analysis of performance, production, everything… So I think I can help you with your project.

I have a unique skill-set.

I understand your business and what you need. When I’m getting into a project, you – as my client, get 100% of my experience. My values and my name focus on loyalty, decency and credibility.