Website development

Production of professional images

Photographer: Yan Nirenberg

Youtube Page

I provide services of video editing and filming. In MS Car Detailing Youtube page we got to tens of videos during the last 2 years of work.

MS Car Detailing

Car detailing workshop

Full marketing services: website, Facebook, Instagram, production and marketing consultancy.

Client's recommendation

“When I opened my business, I didn’t understand what marketing is beside the basic knowledge of Facebook account and paper advertising. After half a year of working alone, I got a recommendation with a client who worked with Oren in the past and I decided to start working with him.

The same day, Oren sent me a strategic plan that included: opening a business Facebook page, Instagram page, building a website and more.

Apart from the professional knowledge Oren has, I discovered a person that is interested in the business not less than myself and gives a feeling of an employee within the business.

Today the business appears in the top scores in Google without payments and the Facebook page includes nearly 1,000 followers. It is important to mention that Oren’s work made the business succeed in the social media and Google without paying un-necessary sums for advertising.

All that is left to say about him that apart from being professional, he is reliable and fun to work with.”

Shmuel Mizrahi

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