Wordpress Developer

What skills are needed to build the perfect website

In order to build a good website, you need a WordPress freelancer who masters the following worlds:

  1. Programming

Your developer should know at least basic programming. If your WordPress Freelancer has no programming abilities, minor changes become a burden and you’ll get a “NO” for each request you’ll ask further along the way. Developers use WordPress themes, I do as well, but each theme requires some adjustments, keeping the theme as is – in many cases might be fine, but I always recommend changing it, do unique alternations and add your spice.

  1. Design

Your WordPress freelancer should have an eye. You need to trust that they will not do something that looks bad, that they have a good taste and they are able to work with graphic and video softwares. Me as example, use professional image editing software, video editing (if required on the site) and able to come up with beautiful concepts. A developer without design abilities will create medium sites, choose only ones that can design.

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

You cannot believe how many website developers know nothing about SEO. Just in case you want your website to appear on Google and other search engines, you’ll need someone with strong understanding in Search Engine Optimization. SEO is key and if your WordPress freelancer doesn’t know what to do or even more important – what not to do – you are in trouble.

Don’t expect from Google to index your new website in any case, especially on competitive keywords (not your business name which is relatively easy). This is a key and you must make sure you hire a good SEO professional.

  1. Marketing abilities – a huge plus!

Selling something to someone is a function of demand and supply. Most developers don’t even realize how hard it is. Website builders that are not experienced in marketing, will not understand even the need for your business differentiation, how to win the competition and mainly how to tell your business story… Personally, I think this is my best feature. I’m nearly done my MBA, my academic degree is management and marketing and I’m working for years with customers worldwide, including today. I’m experienced marketers, I manage large social media advertising and Google Ads for many companies and I understand the process and psychology of a client. I served hundreds of clients, so I’m a quick learner and can fit myself nearly to any market or industry quickly.

  1. Experience

Your website builder should be experienced, if he or she is not, then your project will take more time, will require more changes, will have more problems and will face beginner’s issues. If your website developer doesn’t have a large portfolio – he needs other strong features (from these 6 – mainly number 2-4) and your website cost should be minimal.

Building a website using unexperienced developer, is risky…

  1. Can-do attitude

There are flexible professionals and there are professionals that are very strict. I’ve learned from my clients that can-do attitude is super important. In many cases there are things along the way that can be done better… A strict service provider will require more budget if you ask for changes, or in case the provider notice something that can be better, you’ll not even know about other options…

Can-do attitude also indicates that your developer simply cares about your project.

There are companies or freelancers that have all various functions, they have a programmer, a web designer, SEO expert, marketing specialist and more. Sometimes 2-3 people and it can work, but usually, in these cases, and some of them are truly great, there are several problems:

  1. It is difficult for everybody to understand everything about your business as each professional comes from a different background.
  2. It is difficult to communicate with everybody and you often don’t have access to them.
  3. Usually, these groups are busy in several project simultaneously and led with a project manager that communicate what you want to the group.

These obviously might harm your website. You become another project and treated as such. Be aware of these indications because it is much simpler and fun to have someone that work with you with direct communication, flexible, professional and with marketing approach that will not say no to every idea you have.

The difference from a good website and one that doesn’t work

A website is a process of giving information using 3 elements: images/ videos, texts and functionality. Once your potential client visits your website, he or she starts to experience your business or personality and go through a psychological process.

If the process is right, a desired outcome should happen and the user will do what you expect him to do – buy, ask for more details, follow you or at least remember you for time of need.

I always say to my clients, if your WordPress developer is a programmer, your website will technically work fine, but most probably clients will not find the right path and act the way you want them to. If you developer is a designer, the website will look great, but still – there are so many good-looking websites that don’t fulfil their potential in sales…

Here comes the marketing approach – the website should turn to your specific target audience, talk their language both literally and visually, give them a story that will direct them into performing a certain desired action. This is my approach.

Many people turn to website development companies, that have all the functions but what they don’t realize that they end talking to a project manager that is pushing the project and not necessarily has the right qualifications and skills to evaluate all the necessary requirements.

Many of my clients are other developers disappointed customers, they come after their websites are not working well and we re-do their websites. You should read carefully the below articles and pick the right website builder.

What is important to know

What’s important to know before you pick your WordPress developer?

Here are several key points that you should know try to understand:

  1. Skills required for a successful website.
  2. Your Website developer background and understanding.
  3. Choose your platform carefully.
  4. It is up to you, but your developer should guide you.

Since this is not an easy decision, I’ve created a series of articles that guide you through the decision making of choosing a WordPress developer.

If you need help, want a professional advice or considering building a new website – contact me for more information.