Wordpress Developer

Your WordPress Website builder’s background and understanding.

A successful website usually begins with the setup of the right foundations. You need your Website developer to be able to analyze your market, understand your potential in various measures, your business differentiation, your story, your supply and demand and DNA of the business.

Your website should be a reflection of your business. Your values, reputation should be out there presented to your audience. You need someone that will be able to perform this strategic move properly.

You actually need a “websuit” – just according to your measures.

This is why before diving into a project, I as a responsible WordPress website builder go to talk with you, research your world and understand the goals of your site.

Most businesses goal is to have 1st page Google ranking. While it might be not a big deal with the name of the domain, it might be very difficult when it comes to competitive keywords…

Another example This is a site that needs to perform with social media traffic. Create a synergy between several digital assets.

This is why your WordPress website builder should master the following abilities:

  • Analyze the strength of the existing website (if it is not new), the domain authority.
  • Understand the current positions and ranking in Google search results.
  • Research on the competition from the client, their strength and positions.
  • Come up with a SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and know how to deal with them on your website.
  • Build a strategy and prepare the new website psychological process, SEO and messages in order to achieve the goals in the long run.

Who is capable to creating a websuit?

Do you think a computer science graduates are able to understand your business in the same depth as yourself? Design graduates? Project management graduates? Talented professionals that are able to understand your business in these levels do exist but they are rare and usually very experienced.

How about marketing expert? One that managed a large company, entrepreneur, that worked for startups, with academic degrees in business and marketing and helped hundreds of businesses reaching their goals?

This is my biography, and I think I’ll be able to understand your business very well and to develop a “websuit” that will fit you perfectly. I will do my research before we begin working and create your amazing meaningful website.

Why it is important to understand the business?

As a WordPress website builder, I go through the process of building websites all the time.

I build your digital home, a one that you’ll be proud on, show clients with confidence and enjoy its fruits. This is a key, your belief that the website will contribute to your business.

If I understand the client’s needs and the “problem” you are solving – I will be able to come up with a variety of both messages, images and general layout that will affect your clients and make a difference.